The Queen insists on round ice cubes in her drinks, according to royal author

Monarch reportedly requires round ice in all drinks served in her homes

Chelsea Ritschel
Wednesday 27 November 2019 16:03 GMT
Why the Queen prefers round ice cubes (Getty)
Why the Queen prefers round ice cubes (Getty)

The Queen is quite particular when it comes to dining, with the royal chefs prepared to cater to her every whim, whether it's her preference for avoiding starchy foods, to having a special chocolate biscuit cake created for dessert.

The monarch’s specifications also apply to her beverages, in which she reportedly prefers round ice cubes floating inside.

According to Karen Dolby, the author of Queen Elizabeth II’s Guide to Life, the requirement comes from the sound made by the ice.

“The Queen likes her ice cubes in her glass to be round so they don’t chink quite as much as square ones,” Dolby told The Sun.

This means that the Queen’s occasional gin and Dubbonet, her favourite cocktail according to her former chef Darren McGrady, is served free of square ice.

The preference doesn’t just apply to ice in the 93-year-old’s drinks either, as the Queen reportedly has all drinks served with the round ice cubes.

The Queen reportedly insists on round ice only (Getty)
The Queen reportedly insists on round ice only (Getty)

Interestingly, apart from making less annoying noise, round ice cubes also have the added benefit of diluting a drink less than a typical ice cube.

Although cubed ice cools a drink faster and to a lower temperature, according to one study, ice spheres “melt slower, chill the drink in a reasonable amount of time, and dilute the drink less”.

Despite the preference, McGrady previously revealed that the Queen is “not a foodie” but rather “eats to live,” whereas her husband Prince Philip “lives to eat”.

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