Restaurant uses teddy bears to enforce social distancing

‘People are stopping, taking pictures, it’s been great,’ says restaurant owner

Olivia Petter
Saturday 01 August 2020 16:20

A restaurant in south London is using teddy bears to help enforce social distancing.

Tagine, which is in Balham and serves north African food, opened on 4 July after being forced to close its doors at the start of lockdown on 23 March.

In order to ensure that customers stay at least one metre away from one another, owner Zizou Hammoudi, 50, has enlisted the help of 12 toy bears, sitting them at the tables that must remain empty in order for social distancing to be maintained between diners.

Speaking to PA, Mr Hammoudi explained that he bought the bears himself and put Moroccan hats on them.

The restaurant owner said the idea had proven very popular with diners so far.

The bars are placed on tables off-limits to diners

“A lot of people that are coming in, [asking] ‘can I have a table next to the teddy bears?’ People stopping, taking pictures. It’s been great," Mr Hammoudi said.

He added that using the toys also taught children about social distancing.

“Kids, six, seven years old, they are telling each other that it is for distancing,” he said.

“Even the kids, they know about it. I’m so happy.”

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