Hangar 1's rose vodka has arrived (Instagram @hangar1vodka)
Hangar 1's rose vodka has arrived (Instagram @hangar1vodka)

You can now buy rose vodka just in time for Valentine's day

The perfect combination 

Chelsea Ritschel
in New York
Friday 02 February 2018 20:43

It's millennial pink and far stronger than your typical bottle of rosé - the newest viral beverage trend is a dream come true.

Rosé vodka, created by vodka company Hanger 1, is pale pink and way more alcoholic version of our favourite beverage - and it'll also look good on Instagram.

The new vodka will soon be available in liquor stores and is a combination of distilled vodka and rosé from Northern California.

And while it may look like rosé, the new liquor will be better-suited for a shot glass rather than a wine glass - considering the alcohol content.

The 60 proof rosé vodka will pack a punch - and likely get you drunker a lot quicker than an actual bottle of rosé.

But if you’re worried about mistaking the vodka version for the real one, don’t be.

According to early testers, although the vodka does taste like the rosé flavour we love, it is still quite easy to smell the distinct scent of vodka over the subtle scent of rose.

The pink vodka is pretty and strong (Hangar 1)

On Hangar 1’s website, the pretty vodka will is describing as having floral tasting notes of “crisp apple, sweet pea blossoms, and a hint of oak,” and it sounds quite delicious.

What better to drink away the pain of no date on Valentine’s Day than with pink vodka?

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