Spaghetti tacos: fantastic trend or fusion mishap?

Monday 11 October 2010 00:15

According to the New York Times (NYT) on October 6, spaghetti tacos are "a true [American] tween phenomenon," however it is unclear if the all-American/Mexican/Italian fast fusion food trend will go global and rival other carb-addict staples like Japan's noodle-stuffed hotdog bun Yakisoba Pan or pasta-topped pizza.

Food lovers normally take cooking cues from celebrity chefs via television how-to shows broadcast on The Food Network, BBC Food, FoodTV and the like.

However since Nickelodeon's tween series iCarly first introduced a spaghetti taco (joke) creation, the NYT noted it is the must-have dish for family-friendly meals, canteens, play dates and slumber parties.

Perhaps true but Facebook pages Spaghetti Taco(s) suggest the trend may not be that popular. As it is filled with comments that conclude the 'new' tacos are "nasty" and four Spaghetti Taco FB pages show fans ranging from a paltry two to 1,488 with the largest number belonging to a group that was created in June 2009.

Nevertheless if you want to try out some recipes circulating the web to decide if this is a fantastic trend or fusion mishap, visit:

Tasty Kitchen from ThePioneerWoman:

The Barefoot Kitchen Witch, who uses turkey meatballs, jalapenos and guacamole in her recipe: offers a twist with Taco Spaghetti that includes broken tortilla chips, chili peppers and olives:

Plus eHow offers a simple no-fuss step-by-step guide:

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