Subway goes vegan
Subway goes vegan

Subway launches vegan sub complete with salad and garlic aioli

The sandwich is available nationwide now

Olivia Petter
Tuesday 16 April 2019 15:47

Another day, another vegan product launch from a major food chain you never thought would hop on board the increasingly jam-packed veganism train.

We know from Greggs’ infamous – and hugely popular – sausage roll just how much of a stir plant-based products can cause (see Piers Morgan nearly vomiting on live TV after tasting one).

Now, the latest unsuspecting chain to appease the ever-expanding vegan community is Subway, which is launching its first vegan Sub that contains a patty made with red pepper, chilli, garlic and red onion.

The global sandwich franchise will serve its new vegan six-inch sub nationwide from Wednesday 17 April and prices start at £3.80.

Customers can either choose to consume the patty as a sandwich inside a bread of their choice – the chain’s Italian and the Hearty Italian breads are both vegan – or they can add it to a salad.

The vegan sub will also be served with a newly-created garlic aioli, which is also plant-based.

The new sub has a strong red pepper flavour.

As for nutritional info, the new six-inch vegan sub contains 371 calories per serving. When the patty is consumed in a salad, the meal comes in at 204 calories.

The new plant-based patty can be eaten in either salad or sandwich form.

News of Subway’s vegan offering follows the recent launches of plant-based dishes as other major chains such as Pret a Manger and LEON in addition to a whole host of vegan offerings that are now stocked at supermarkets including Tesco, Waitrose and M&S.

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