Diner who paid £125 for lunch says Michelin star meal ‘made me suffer so much’

The customer described the food as ‘bland’ and claims they were also charged over £100 to swap from one dish to an alternative

Laura Mills
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Wednesday 19 April 2023 12:11 BST
(Jam Press)

Michelin star restaurant Helene Darroze at The Connaught has been slammed by a diner after a disappointing expensive meal.

The customer, who visited the triple Michelin-starred eatery two weeks ago, wrote a raging review online about their experience.

In the review, the diner described the food as ‘lifeless’ and ‘bland’, and claims they were also charged over £100 to swap from one dish to an alternative.

It is one of London’s most expensive, prestigious restaurants with other diners describing the experience as ‘perfection’.

Their weekday lunch menu is priced at £125 per person.

The angry reviewer said: “The worst Michelin restaurant I have ever been to.

“The first dish is langoustine with radish which tasted so lifeless and bland.

“It took over 30 minutes for the second dish to come it’s simply just an onion with some random sauces on top.

“We then waited another 20 minutes plus for another lobster with a very weird tasting sauce.

“The fish came and this is the worst one I have tried it came with a caviar sauce which tasted unbearable and weird.

“As I don’t eat pigeon they charged me 120 pound extra.

“This was for two pieces of small sliced wagyu that is so dry and overcooked.

(Jam Press)

“If you might think the desserts couldn’t be any worse, let me introduce you to the rhubarb dessert.

“It all tasted too sour to the point I need to chuck water to be able to swallow it.

“The middle part of the chocolate have a very weird bitter taste.

“Please do not visit this place.

“It made me and my partner suffer so much.”

A spokesperson from Helene Darroze at The Connaught said: “We can confirm that the restaurant has been in contact with the guest.”

However, many other diners rejoiced at their experience here and enjoyed every moment of their visit to this restaurant.

(Jam Press)

One diner, who visited recently, said “It was perfection in service from walking through the door.

“Attentive staff, great decor and atmospheric.

“We had the taster menu with wine parings and was a delight in tastes and balance in food.

“I could not fault anything or anyone.

“Worth every penny and the best dining experience of my life.”

The Connaught’s website boasts of a wonderful experience at the venue.

It states “From personally tailored menus to the artfully designed dining room, Hélène Darroze at The Connaught is an elegant expression of craft.

“In our three Michelin-star restaurant, each dish is grounded in seasonal produce sourced from the farmers, makers and growers carefully chosen by Hélène.

“And every menu is a reflection of your personal tastes, as our chefs transform your selected ingredients into original works of culinary art.”

French chef Hélène Darroze, 56 has six Michelin stars in total across her three restaurants.

Her restaurant at the five star The Connaught Hotel, in Mayfair, west London, has been open since 2009.

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