<p>Some will even use takeaways for entertaining friends </p>

Some will even use takeaways for entertaining friends

Just how much do UK adults like takeaways?

Almost one third said they didn’t have enough energy to cook

Emma Elsworthy
Thursday 11 November 2021 15:41

British adults will be relying on takeaway meals until the festive period is over, because they’re too busy to cook up anything from scratch.

A poll of 2,000 adults found exactly half will spend more at their local chippy or curry house than usual.

With 31 per cent claiming they don’t have time to pull together a meal along with everything else they have to do.

And a further 26 per cent saying they’ll opt for an easy pizza or Chinese over home-cooked food when entertaining during the next couple of months.

While 30 per cent simply like to treat themselves more at this time of year and 28 per cent don’t have the energy to get in front of the stove.

The survey was carried out by frozen pizza brand Chicago Town, which has also created an online calculator to help takeaway fans save money in the lead up to Christmas - chicagotowntakeawaycalculator.co.uk.

Treating others is the main motivation for buying takeaways at this time of year, but for 24 per cent it is convenience, and 17 per cent know they’ll likely be tired and not want to cook over the next few weeks.

One in 20 say it’s a great time to get fast food as they’re not good at cooking anyway, and one in 10 know they won’t have the time to cook meals themselves.

While 59 per cent simply love getting food to eat in, with the average adult ordering a takeaway at least once a week.

However, more takeaways can have an impact on the pocket, with the average one costing around £23 each time.

It emerged one fifth of adults find it hard to stick to a budget this time of year.

And six in 10 adults admit they find the financial pressures of the season can affect their mood during the festive period.

But the new calculator could help shoppers save around £20 a week just by changing meal options.

Thrifty influencer Gemma Bird partnered with Chicago Town. She said: “My family and I switched our usual Saturday night pizza takeaway and we were blown away.

“We worked out that we could save as much as £150 over the next five weeks.

“Christmas is such a magical time for everyone, particularly families but money troubles and making ends meet, particularly right now can give many of us sleepless nights.

“Making little changes like this can literally save families hundreds of pounds.”


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