Vegan Baileys being sold in major UK supermarkets for the first time

Creamy, tasty and dairy-free

Sabrina Barr
Sunday 04 March 2018 17:34 GMT
Vegan Baileys Almande is now available to buy in major supermarkets across the UK
Vegan Baileys Almande is now available to buy in major supermarkets across the UK (Facebook / Baileys)

We’ve recently seen the release of the UK’s first meatless “bleeding burger” and witnessed a vegan Easter egg win the top spot during an annual tasting test.

Vegans across the country are now in for an even greater treat, with the release of the vegan Baileys Almande across major UK supermarkets.

Baileys Almande was initially trialled in North America, although the original recipe contained beeswax and so could not be classified as vegan.

After alterations were made to the recipe so that it could officially adhere to vegan standards, the alcoholic beverage was then made available in Whole Foods stores in London last September.

The drink has finally made its way to major UK supermarkets, as it is now on the shelves at Waitrose and Asda and can be purchased online from Ocado.

Baileys Almande contains a blend of sweet almond oil, almond essence, cane sugar, purified water and a small amount of real vanilla.

Asda released a statement announcing the new addition to their stock.

“Just in time for Mother’s Day, Asda will be stocking Baileys Almande - the almond-flavoured, dairy free liqueur which consumers have been going crazy for - perfect for spoiling mum with a tasty tipple on her special day,” the statement reads.

“With veganism and dairy-free diets on the rise, we’re excited to be stocking Baileys Almande - a spin on a classic drink which gives our customers more options in the spirit aisle,” said Victoria Reeve, category planner for Asda Spirits.

A 70cl bottle of Baileys Almande costs £16 to purchase from Asda, Waitrose and Ocado, although on the Ocado website it states that the price will increase to £20 per bottle.

In comparison, the original Irish cream-flavoured 70cl bottle of Baileys costs a far lesser price of £10 at Asda, £12 at Waitrose and £15 at Ocado.

A couple of days ago, Whole Foods announced on Twitter that supplies of Baileys Almande would be restocked over the weekend in its London branches.

People all over the country are understandably excited that they longer have to trek all the way to capital in order to indulge in the creaminess of Baileys Almande.

“Ocado are now stocking dairy-free Baileys Almande!!!!” one person exclaimed on Twitter.

Another Twitter user highlighted the irresistible nature of Baileys Almande, writing: @I keep putting Baileys Almande in my tea and as a result have gone through most of a bottle in 48 hours.”

One person described how difficult it usually is to buy a bottle of the creamy vegan beverage, remarking: “It’s easier to get hold of mermaid’s tears."

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