Woman sparks debate over friend’s wedding registry including ‘two months of home expenses’

‘I’ve seen people do honeymoon funds which is fine, but two months of home expenses?’ asks Reddit user

Brittany Miller
New York
Friday 05 April 2024 18:42 BST
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A woman has criticised her friend’s wedding registries.

In a recent Reddit post shared to the “Wedding Shaming” subreddit, the woman explained that she had some thoughts about her fiancé’s childhood friend’s wedding registry. She believed the pal, who she calls Josh, was asking too much from his guests, on top of his destination wedding taking place in Italy.

“He had told me they don’t want gifts because they already have house things and they just want cash, so I told him to just set up a honeymoon fund and put it on the website,” she wrote, noting that she offered to help set up the wedding website. “I did not know he was going to ask for that much or itemise it like that.”

In terms of what was listed on the registry, there were two $5,000 “contribute what you wish” honeymoon funds, four $1,000 honeymoon resort funds, a $3,000 flight fund, five $200 Delta Airlines gift cards and 10 $100 Delta Airlines gift cards listed twice, 10 $200 Hotels.com gift cards, $3,000 for two months of home expenses, $25 Zola gift cards, and five $500 contributions to legal fees.

The woman pointed out that when her fiancé’s parents received their invitation, it contained a QR code link to Josh’s Venmo in addition to the registry.

“I saw what he put on there and was appalled,” she wrote, later adding: “My fiancé’s parents are rich and Josh has a history of... I don’t want to say mooching, but let’s just say although he is not a regular social media user he always makes sure to post pictures whenever he’s invited to hang out at one of their nice vacation properties.”

She continued: “I sometimes wonder if this is all he values my fiancé for.”

Since it was posted this week, many Reddit users took to the comments section to give their opinion on how appropriate they thought the registry was.

“I definitely agree the way they went about this was horrible,” one comment read. “The months of house expenses is out of pocket. The two separate honeymoon funds is insane. And putting the Venmo on there is just tasteless.”

“Minus the last item of gift cards, this would be $27,500?” another commenter said. “What the what? Btw, two months of home expenses hahahahaha yeah no. The audacity.”

“I’ve seen people do honeymoon funds which is fine but two months of home expenses? That’s a bit much,” a third person pointed out.

One commenter explained that in some cultures this registry could be seen as normal.

“In Italy, leaving a cash gift is pretty normal,” the comment began. “It’s done at the wedding though, not through a website. Usually put in the card you get them. Used to be enough to cover your plate and a little extra. Right now, in my culture, the norm is to cover your plate and add an extra $100. So if my husband and I attend a close family member’s wedding, we usually leave $400-$500. $300 for people we are not so closely related/close to.

“That being said, it is unbelievably tacky to ASK for money like this,” they added. “At least where we are from.”

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