Apple event: How to watch new iPhone release live and what time it will begin

Andrew Griffin
Tuesday 13 October 2020 11:51

Apple is about to host a live event, revealing the iPhone and potentially much more.

The launch, named “Hi, Speed”, will be hosted online from the company’s Apple Park campus in California.

Unlike Apple’s normal events, it will not include a live audience or a presentation from the stage, as part of lockdown rules.

Instead, it is likely to follow the same structure as Apple’s previous events in June and September: a live-streamed, pre-recorded event in which executives such as Tim Cook introduce the new products.

There are expected to be many of those new products. In addition to launching a full four iPhones – more than ever before, with more sizes than ever before – rumours suggest the company could reveal new HomePods, Apple TVs, audio equipment and charging tools.

When to watch

Apple’s event begins on Tuesday, 13 October, at 10am local pacific time.

That’s 6pm in the UK, 1pm on the east coast of the US, 10.30pm in Mumbai, 4am the next morning in Sydney, and so on.

It is the same time that Apple events usually start.

How to watch

Apple will be live-streaming the event – and, as before, that will be the only way to actually watch it, since there will be no crowd or likely even any physical gathering actually happening.

The company’s preferred way for you to do that is on the Apple events website, which can be found here. At the time of publication, that hadn’t been updated for the October “Hi, Speed” event, but that will happen sometime before it starts – before then, you have the option of watching all of the other recent Apple events from the same page.

The event will also be streamed live on YouTube. That feed is actually already live – it can be found here, or embedded below – and though nothing will show on it until it starts, there is the option to set a reminder to be sure that you’re watching when it does.

You can also follow along on The Independent’s live blog, where we’ll be covering all the latest announcements and information.

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