First Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer sees Kevin Spacey in Frank Underwood mode

House of CODs: Likeness to actor is scarily accurate

Christopher Hooton
Friday 02 May 2014 13:46

Call of Duty's next game for Xbox One and PS4, Advanced Warfare, has debuted its first trailer, seeing Kevin Spacey lend his voice and likeness as the tyrannical leader of a private military corporation waging war on the United States.

There are echoes of his House of Cards senator Frank Underwood in the character (albeit with dodgier dialogue), who in the trailer delivers a monologue asserting that the world doesn't need democracy but saving from itself, and other classic movie megalomaniac declarations.

The three-minute montage was originally set to come out on Sunday, but was posted on the Call of Duty YouTube page last night after it leaked online.

It seems Activision has gone to great lengths to make sure their star looks a realistic as possible, with Spacey's likeness being unnervingly uncanny as he paces around an office and sneers at the camera.

Elsewhere in the trailer there are shots of American cities in various stages of ruin, quad-rotor drones taking to the skies and soldiers pumping lead wearing exoskeleton armoured suits.

The trailer follows an Instagram video teaser featuring a close-up of Spacey's eye that sees him muse: "Power determines who is right. I have the power, so I am right."

Private military corporations (PMCs) have served as the antagonists in COD games before, and their use in real life is to be the subject of a documentary co-created by Activision and Vice that also debuted a trailer this week.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has a release date of 4 November, 2014.

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