Fortnite fills with mysterious portals as Stranger Things comes to battle royale game

New skins and emotes may also be on their way to celebrate the latest season of the Netflix show

Anthony Cuthbertson
Wednesday 03 July 2019 17:13

Paranormal occurrences are taking place in the world of Fortnite, with teleportation portals popping up within the hit video game.

It is part of a collaboration between Fortnite and Netflix and comes just ahead of the Season 3 premiere of Stranger Things.

Players will find Upside Down-style portals appearing on walls of stores within the Mega Mall.

Fortunately players will not be transported to the spooky realms of the Upside Down – at least not yet.

Instead, anyone walking into one will be teleported to another area of the mall.

Fortnite creator Epic Games has also dropped numerous Stranger Things-themed ice creams around the Mega Mall and eating one of these snacks will grant players +5 health.

It is a nod to the Scoops Ahoy ice cream parlour that is set to feature in the new season of the hit show.

It is not the first crossover to hit Fortnite, having previously teamed up with Iron Man, Thor and Captain America.

Last month also saw the introduction of a John Wick skin, after Fortnite players noted similarities between Keanu Reeves and another character in the game.

The new John Wick Skin on the left, compared to the old Reaper Skin in Fortnite

The new John Wick Skin on the left, compared to the old Reaper Skin in Fortnite (Game Review/ YouTube)

If the latest collaboration is anything like the previous crossovers, the portals and ice creams will likely be just a teaser for more Stranger Things in-game content.

Players can expect Skins based on some of the show’s characters, as well as new emotes.

The third season of Stranger Things will debut on Netflix on 4 July at 10am BST.

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