Goldeneye: Classic N64 game remade for PC, with crisp new graphics

The game is available for free – but probably not for long

Andrew Griffin
Monday 15 August 2016 12:57
GoldenEye: Source 5.0 Trailer

One of the greatest and most nostalgia-inducing games of all time has been remade for PC.

The classic Goldeneye for N64 has been wholly re-made – with updated graphics and new maps – so that people can play it for free on their PC.

The new game uses Valve’s Source engine, but adds favourites including old maps like Dam and Bunker, the old guns and classic almost xenophobic Russian enemies.

The game doesn’t bring the single player mode that featured in the actual game. But that’s unlikely to cause an issue for many, since Goldeneye is largely remembered for its pioneering multiplayer mode.

It’s actually the fifth version of the game, since it just received its first update in the last three years. The project first started 10 years ago.

That means that – as with the Source engine that it relies on – the game itself is relatively new and undemanding on your computer. It only needs Windows 7 or higher, and 4GB of RAM.

It also means that it can be downloaded (from here) fairly quickly, even over a relatively slow connection.

But the game is unlikely to stay up for long. Nintendo has been active in pursuing people who remake its old games – the same thing happened when a fan tried to recreate the classic game Metroid.

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