PlayStation reveals strange new buttons that stick to the back of DualShock controller

'Back Button Attachment' looks set to take on the Xbox's Elite controller – at a much less painful price

Andrew Griffin
Tuesday 17 December 2019 17:11
PlayStation reveals strange new controller attachment

Sony has revealed its new accessory for the PlayStation 4, a set of buttons that attach to the back of your controller.

The "Back Button Attachment" is aimed at giving players more control over their gaming by allowing them to use the back as well as the front of the controller.

It also features a glowing OLED screen, allowing players to see which settings they are on.

The new back buttons stick onto the existing DualShock 4 controller, slipping onto the back where the microphone usually plugs in. That port is still there, since the attachment includes pass through for the mic.

The idea behind such back buttons is that they are easier for players to touch, since their hands are already gripping around the controller already. Players can then swap certain buttons – such as changing gear in a driving game, or reloading into a shooting one – so that they can be more quickly and easily accessed.

It is made up of two buttons, which are entirely programmable and so can be mapped onto any existing controls. The small screen on the back shows what those buttons have been assigned to do, allowing players to swap between them as they play.

The Back Button Attachment will arrive in January in the US and Canada, and cost $29.99.

The attachment looks like an attempt to take on Microsoft's Elite controller for the Xbox. That has the extra buttons built in – but it also costs considerably more, at $179.99.

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