Super Smash Bros Wii U gets Mewtwo and 53 other new details

Game will be released in the UK in December

Super Smash Bros for Wii U is shaping up nicely, with Nintendo announcing a barrage of new modes, maps, trophies, battles and more today along with a playable character: Mewtwo from Pokemon.

The 151st Pokemon, which proved so elusive on the Game Boy Colour, will join the ranks of fighters in the game, getting fans very, very excited.

Mewtwo was the final announcement on a list of 54 features rattled out by the Smash Bros announcer, which also included 8-player battles, Stage Builder, custom Smashes and Group Stadium.

Here's the full list:

1. Over 40 characters

2. Higher resolution, 1920x1080 vs. the 3DS's 400x240. Looks amazing

3. 8 player smash

4. Bigger stages; Palutena's Temple, Temple, Big Battlefield, The Great Cave Offensive

5. Danger Zones; in big stages, these are platforms that launch you and cause damage. If you have over 100% when you touch one, it's an instant KO.

6. Dual Plane Battling; Fight in the foreground and the background on the new stage, Jungle Hijinxs.

7. More stages in Wii U version. The Wii U version and 3DS version both have 34 stages, but they're different

8. A Miiverse stage; basically Battlefield but with Miiverse drawings in the background.

9. Paulutena's Guidance; basically the same as Snake's calls in Brawl. There will also be radio chat between the Fox characters on Star Fox stages

10. Metal Face; a boss that can join the smash on Gaur Plain

11. Ridley; just like Metal Face but can join a fighter's side. Appears in the Pyrosphere stage. If you KO him, you earn a point.

12. Coin battles, fight to collect coins

13. Stamina Battles; instead of percentages, you have HP.

14. Special Smash; a way to customize your smashes like in brawl.

15. Item frequency; choose how much items appear

16. My music; Change how often music appears for a stage

17. Ability to change the menu music

18. Tons of Music, so much that if they sold it on a disc separately, it would cost more than the game itself.

19. More composers due to more music.

20. CDs which drop during battle. They add a song to your library

21. Challenges are back, only this time all challenges are on one screen unlike the 3DS version

22. Classic mode is back, but different. Instead of fighting a series of battles, you advance based on how well you rank against other players. You can also play it with two players

23. Clear movies are back from brawl.

24. All star mode is back, but you face the fighters from newest to oldest. You can play this with two players.

25. Event mode; you clear events and unlock more.

26. Smash Tour; a board game where you move around the map and collect powerups and fighters.

27. Target blast is back.

28. Group Stadium; stadium games but they are now all multiplayer.

29. Special Orders; a new mode. In master orders, you take on challenges and earn rewards. In crazy orders, you must pay gold to enter, and get prizes by surviving. At the end, you can fight crazy hand to end the mode and keep your prizes.

30. Master Fortress; a new form for the master core.

31. Controllers; Wii remote, Nunchuk, WIi U Gamepad, Classic controller, Classic controller pro, Wii U Pro controller, Gamecube controller, and 3DS.

32. Gamecube Controller Adapter; to allow you to connect your gamecube controllers to the system.

33. You can use the 3DS as a controller.

34. You can transfer all your data from the 3DS to the Wii U.

35. Tons of trophies.

36. Final Smash Trophies.

37. Trophy Box; by collecting trophies, you can display them according to a theme and try to complete all the boxes.

38. Picture Studio; take pictures of trophies in different positions.

39. Trophy Rush; back form the 3DS. You can play it with two players now.

40. Masterpieces; back from brawl

41. amiibo

42. The Wii LAN Adapter can be used for a more stable internet connection.

43. There will be notifications to see the latest news and topics.

44. You can play online with two people on the same Wii U.

45. Smash tourneys; not ready yet, will allow you to make your own tournaments.

46. Tournaments are back from brawl.

47. The Wii U gamepad can be used to see information about the battle, or the battle itself.

48. You can decorate your photos using the gamepad.

49. Voice chat; chat with your friends online in the lobby, but not during the fight (to keep the connection as strong as possible)

50. The stage builder is back from brawl. This time you can draw platforms with the Wii U gamepad freely.

51. Sharing; Share your stages, replays, mii fighters, and picture online.

52. Movies; watch all the "Join the battle" movies.

53. Sound Test; If you buy both versions and register with club nintendo, you can get a 2 disc soundtrack with 36 tracks on each disc.


Already out on the 3DS, the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros will be released in North America on 21 November 21 and Europe on 5 December 5.

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