<p>Scientists believe Planet Nine could exist as part of the solar system</p>

Scientists believe Planet Nine could exist as part of the solar system

IndyTech: The Independent launches a free weekly technology newsletter

Be kept up to speed with all the latest in the world of cryptocurrency, the big releases from the tech giants and the analysis behind it all with our new newsletter IndyTech

Andrew Griffin
Tuesday 05 October 2021 12:18

Will cryptocurrency save the world from financial ruin, or speed it up? Can renewable energy and battery technology hold back the climate crisis? How are billionaires such as Elon Musk looking to take us to space and onto other planets – and should they? These questions will define and decide our future.

In recent years, technology has been accused of igniting civil unrest, helping to speed up climate change, being part of a global surveillance network and much more besides. But at the same time it has also helped fight against all of those dangers, giving us new tools and voices that could help humanity and the world see off some of its biggest threats.

In a bid to uncover the truth behind them all The Independent is launching a weekly technology newsletter which, will be compiled by our tech team. The free email will be sent every Tuesday and the first one will be sent on 27 July.

In it we’ll be examining not only how technology might be damaging the world but also how it is looking to help it, and highlighting the most exciting innovations as well as looking how they might shape where we are going.

Whatever you think about the growth of technology and what it has done to us in the past, one thing is clear: it will decide what the world looks like in the future.

From the latest on cryptocurrency to advancements in the billionaire space race we will keep you up to speed with all the latest news, analysis, graphs and videos in each week’s edition of the IndyTech newsletter.

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