iPhone 13 Pro and Max: Apple reveals its ‘most professional handset ever’

Andrew Griffin
Tuesday 14 September 2021 19:16

Apple has revealed the iPhone 13 Pro, soon after unveiling its normal sibling.

The new phone is largely similar to the cheaper version: just like the regular iPhone 13, it has a smaller notch in the display, and a new camera system. As with last year, the two versions of the iPhone share more similarities than they do differences.

But on the outside the phone has its “most pro design ever”, Apple said. That includes new material on the sides, and a new blue colour.

And unlike last year’s iPhones, the Pro model does have slightly different internal features. It has a 5-core GPU that makes it able to better process graphics than its non-Pro sibling.

And it has different display features that distinguish it from the cheaper model, too. It has a “ProMotion” display that allows the display to change its refresh rate – going especially high when scrolling, but slowing down when that is not necessary to ensure better battery life.

ProMotion had already been in available in the iPad Pro. It has long been rumoured to be coming to the iPhone – but reports had suggested that Apple had struggled to integrate it without causing difficulties for the battery.

As with the iPhone 12 Pro, the new version includes three lenses. But they have each been upgraded, to add a number of features including macro pictures for the wide lens and night mode on all three.

The telephoto lens is now also longer, to offer more zoom: it can go up to three times, rather than two.

Later this year, Apple will also offer the option to record videos in the ProRes format. Apple said that meant that it was the first smartphone to allow the option to record and share video throughout the process, in the way professionals would.

The battery has also been improved, as it was in the non-Pro version. The iPhone 13 Pro Max will last for 2.5 hours longer – making ti the longest ever battery life in any iPhone, Apple said.

The new phone comes in the same sizes it did last year: a normal model, which is the same size as the iPhone 13, as well as a much bigger “Pro Max” phone.

The new iPhones cost the same as the existing models: $999 for the Pro, and $1,099 for the Pro Max.

Apple will also offer a 1TB option, the biggest ever storage in an iPhone.

Pre-orders will open on Friday, and they will go on sale a week later.

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