AirPods Pro will scan your ears to tell you if they fit correctly, says Apple

Andrew Griffin@_andrew_griffin
Monday 28 October 2019 17:29

Apple's new AirPods Pro will scan the inside of your ears when you wear them.

While the headline feature of the new earphones is their ability to block out sound with a new noise cancelling feature, it also includes a variety of different features that are intended to improve the sound you hear, too.

The first one that users will see is what Apple calls the "Ear Tip Fit Test". That is used to ensure that the tips on the end of each AirPod Pro fit properly, and that they are sitting snug in your ear.

It does so by using "advanced algorithms" that take the sound from the microphones in each of the AirPods and measure the sound level, Apple said. It will then compare that with the sound that is coming out of the speaker driver, and from that work out whether the AirPod is seated properly in the ear and whether the ear tip is the right size.

After that is working, the AirPods can also make use of Adaptive EQ, which uses similar features to improve the sound. Apple claims the earphones can "automatically tune low- and mid-frequencies of the music to the shape of an individual’s ear — resulting in a rich, immersive listening experience".

All of that technology is powered by the microphones built into the AirPods as well as the H1 chip, which gives the earphones computing power.

The new AirPods Pro are released on 30 October and cost $249. The old ones will remain on sale.

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