Boston Dynamics robot dog opens door and holds it open for robot with no arms

SpotMini, the quietest robot the company has built, is also capable of climbing stairs and doing the washing up

Aatif Sulleyman
Tuesday 13 February 2018 15:59
Four legged robots skillfully open door at futuristic Boston Dynamics lab

Boston Dynamics’ robot dog can now open doors.

The company has posted a new video that shows SpotMini, a small, four-legged robot, approach a closed door, twist its handle, pull it open and hold it there to allow another robot through.

It then follows right behind, and the door swings shut behind them.

The dog-like robot pulls off the trick using an arm that sticks out of its head.

It’s an impressive feat and the video has, unsurprisingly, sparked discussions about how advanced robots are becoming, and raised concerns about what the future could hold for humans.

SpotMini, the quietest robot Boston Dynamics has built, is also capable of handling objects, climbing stairs and doing the washing up.

It weighs 30kg with its arm attached, can carry 14kg of weight.

It also comes equipped with stereo cameras, depth cameras and position/force sensors in its limbs, which “help with navigation and mobile manipulation”.

The door video is the latest in a long line of viral clips created and released by Boston Dynamics.

In November, it posted footage of Atlas, its humanoid robot, executing a perfect backflip and landing securely on its feet.

However, as the final part of that video shows, it can’t always pull the move off successfully.

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