Instagram update adds new 3D effects to Stories

Users will now be able to build their own new augmented reality features

Andrew Griffin@_andrew_griffin
Wednesday 14 August 2019 11:28

Instagram users can now create 3D effects as weird and wonderful as their imagination, after its latest update.

The new tool allows people to design and make their own augmented reality objects, which they can then include in their stories.

Augmented reality is a technology that allows people to put virtual objects into real life, allowing people to overlay imaginary objects onto actual things. It has made its way into a variety of apps, including Snapchat and Instagram, as a way of letting people make their images more exciting.

For the new features, Instagram said it will use Spark AR, the augmented reality platform from Facebook, which owns Instagram.

Similar Instagram-made effects and filters have previously been available in the app, but this update will allow users to build their own designs.

The social media platform said users who create effects will also be able to share them with their followers, and designs created by accounts a user follows will automatically be added their effects tray for use on their own Story posts.

Instagram said it was also introducing an Effects Gallery where users can browse and use any AR effects they like.

"Whether you want to add a new layer of fun to an event like a wedding, birthday party, or graduation with a custom filter or you're a professional who wants to continue to hone their craft, Spark AR Studio has everything you need to get started," Instagram said.

"And with Instagram Stories being used by over 500 million users daily, there's no better place to express yourself with your own AR effects - or simply share the ways you're using them with your community."

Augmented reality technology is becoming increasingly prominent in popular apps and software - last week Google confirmed it was to more widely introduce augmented reality tools to aid navigation in its Maps app.

The new feature will see AR arrows appear on the real-world scene in front of you, as seen on your smartphone's screen, to help with walking navigation.

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