iPhone 11, Apple Watch and TV Plus: Everything you need to know, all in one place

The new phones did not arrive until the end – and Apple spent a lot of time talking about different products

Andrew Griffin@_andrew_griffin
Tuesday 10 September 2019 20:45
Apple unveil new iPhone 11 Pro with three rear-facing cameras

Apple has finally unveiled its new iPhones – and plenty more besides.

In an hours-long event at its campus in California, the company introduced the world not only to three new phones but to a new Apple Watch and its streaming services.

Here's everything you need to know about the major announcements from the day.

The iPhone 11 replaces the XR, and fulfills a similar role: it's a bright and bouncy phone, in the middle of the size range and at the bottom of the price range.

Apple spoke at length about the camera and the new chip found inside the phone. It includes a whole host of new features, but Apple mostly spoke about the camera and the colours.

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Just like its cheaper sibling, the iPhone 11 Pro was introduced with a lot of talk about its camera and its new finishes. But Apple also offered some more explanation of its unprecedented new phone.

It is the first time Apple has used the "pro" name in an iPhone. And marketing boss Phil Schiller said it lived up to the name, with a variety of changes that would make it suitable for real professionals. (But, again, they were mostly about colours and cameras.)

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Apple has been making a big push into services, and they received a huge and detailed introduction at the start.

The company showed off some more details about Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade, which allow people to stream television and games respectively.

It also finally revealed how much they'll cost, and when they'll come out.

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The Apple Watch can finally tell the time, all the time. The biggest update with the new Apple Watch is that the screen is always on.

There were some other features, too, such as a compass and some new materials. But the biggest by far is that the awkward wrist-flick that was required to use previous models is now gone.

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This wasn't announced during the event, but was conspicuous in its absence. Apple has had a strange rollout of its new iPhone and iPad operating system, and that continued this time around.

After the event, we found out that it would be coming out later this month. But only sort of.

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