The four camera lenses of the Galaxy A9
The four camera lenses of the Galaxy A9

Samsung Galaxy S10 will have six cameras and 5G support, latest rumours hint

Anthony Cuthbertson@ADCuthbertson
Wednesday 21 November 2018 17:01

The next flagship Samsung, presumably called the Galaxy S10, will feature twice as many cameras as Apple's latest iPhone, according to reports.

Set to launch on the 10th anniversary of its first flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S10 will pack four cameras on the rear of the device and two on the front, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The Galaxy S10 will also reportedly feature a 6.7-inch screen and will come with 5G support, though this may only be available in South Korea and the US. Its expected release date is February 2019.

The latest rumours come just a month after Samsung unveiled a smartphone featuring an array of four separate lenses on the back of the device.

The mid-range Galaxy A9 is "optimised for the Instagram generation," according to the South Korean firm, with each camera lens performing a different function.

Previous rumours surrounding the Galaxy S10 suggest the smartphone will not follow the lead of other manufacturers by introducing a notch design at the top of the screen.

When Apple first ditched a rectangular screen shape for the iPhone, Samsung mocked the unconventional design in an advert that compared the notch to a ridiculous haircut.

The design allowed Apple to feature a front camera and facial recognition technology at the front of the iPhone, while also allowing the screen to stretch right to the corners.

A recent patent filing hints that Samsung may instead go for a hole in the top left corner of the display in order to accommodate a front-facing camera.

Slightly different design iterations both featured a small hole in the corner of the screen

The Galaxy S10 isn't the only high-end smartphone that Samsung is planning to release in 2019, with a highly-anticipated foldable phone also expected from the electronics giant.

The bendy device was unveiled earlier this month following at the firm's annual developer conference, with the company saying it will serve as the "foundation of the smartphone of tomorrow."

Samsung is working with Google to allow support for the Android mobile operating system on the foldable phone.

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