Twitter down: Site and app not working as tweets fail to load and users told ‘something went wrong’

Andrew Griffin@_andrew_griffin
Tuesday 22 October 2019 16:21
Twitter down: What we know so far

Twitter appears to have broken, with users unable to see posts.

A variety of different error messages appeared to users, with the most common seemingly a simple note that read: "Something went wrong".

The Twitter website did appear to load, both on mobile and desktop, with parts of the site showing as normal. But the timeline that makes up the central part of the site completely failed to work, showing only the error message and an offer to retry.

Soon after the site stopped working, it came back online again, with many users joking that they had enjoyed the brief respite from using it.

Twitter's status page, which is meant to track problems with the site, showed no reports of issues.

But they were verified by a huge number of users, who eventually tweeted that they were unable to get online.

Third party services that allow users to see and post tweets were also affected.

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