Rocket launch captured in timelapse video from ISS

Rocket launch captured in timelapse video from ISS

Tom Richell@tomrichell
Saturday 24 November 2018 14:41

A timelapse video captured on board the International Space Station (ISS) shows the moment a rocket blasts off from Earth.

The footage, filmed by astronaut Alexander Gerst, gives a real-time view of the Russian rocket Progress MS-10 launch on November 16.

The cargo vessel was beginning its journey to the ISS carrying 2.5 tons of supplies to Gerst and his colleagues in outer space.

It launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

In a Facebook post, Gerst gave details about what can be seen in the footage.

“00:07 – Rocket booster separation. 00:19 – Core stage separation. 00:34:05 – Core Stage starts burning in the atmosphere. 00:34:19 Progress separates from rocket.”

The launch marked the return of the Soyuz-FG rocket after its failed attempt to send a two man crew to the ISS in October.

Astronauts Nick Hague and Alexei Ovchinin came crashing back down to earth after being forced into a “ballistic descent” when a booster rocket malfunctioned.

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