Sonos update lets users add two subwoofers to one room for doubly loud bass

Andrew Griffin
Tuesday 08 December 2020 15:50

Sonos will now let users add two subwoofers to one room, in an update that should allow for supremely loud bass.

The company’s Sub speaker is already well known for its ability to make loud bass when it is added either to a music system or a home theatre setup. It is designed as a squared off box that can be added to an existing system and take over the bassier frequencies, using the same internet capabilities that power the rest of the company’s line ups.

But, with a new update, customers will be able to add two fo the subwoofers to the same system, presumably doubling the bass.

Sonos said that the feature had been “a frequently requested feature”, though presumably not from the neighbours of people who already own one. Adding another speaker would lead to “more low-end for the bass obsessed” as well as “serving as a great option for larger home theater rooms to truly immerse listeners in the sound”, Sonos said.

The feature will work with a new software update that has started to be pushed out to users already, Sonos said.

It will only work with the Sonos speakers designed to work with the TV: the Arc, Beam, Playbar, Playbase or Amp, though both Subs will work with music when the television is turned off.

One of the subwoofers will need to be the newest, third-generation version. That update was revealed by Sonos earlier this year, alongside the new Arc soundbar, and while the company had said that it included additional processing power they had not said what that might be used for.

The new update comes soon after the company revealed a new, premium version of its online music service, known as Sonos Radio HD. That is the first paid-for subscription the company has offered, and is intended to entice people who want higher-quality music and no ads to sign up.

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