TikTok wants people to send their videos to employers to try and be hired

Andrew Griffin
Thursday 08 July 2021 13:05
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TikTok wants your next job application to be in the form of one of its videos.

The company has launched a new service, named “TikTok Resumes”, that allows people to submit short videos to potential employers.

Users can create videos in the same way they normally would – with all the effects and backing music that they would have anywhere else – and then submit them to companies in the hope of being hired.

People are encouraged to post those resumes onto TikTok itself, using a devoted hashtag. The company shared examples of people who have already done so.

TikTok said that it hopes the process can “reimagine recruiting and job discovery”.

It noted that the resumes features followed its “College Ambassadors” programme, where it had employed people to promote its brand on university campuses.

TikTok also recognised that many of the people using the programme were likely to have been hit hard by the pandemic. “Like many, college students were impacted by the pandemic and have displayed a resilience and unwavering optimism that’s truly been inspiring,” said Kayla Dixon, marketing manager at TikTok.

A number of companies have already joined the pilot programme, including WWE and Chipotle.

The company has launched a devoted website that allows people to search for jobs before submitting their CVs in the form of TikToks, with applications for the first set of jobs closing at the end of the month. It also includes links to creators who claim to offer ways of improving people’s chances in the job market.

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