UFO report: What US government findings could reveal about the secret technologies being used in our skies

Pentagon releases declassified videos showing UFOs
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A new report could finally reveal the secret and unknown technology that seems to be inhabiting our skies.

The US government is set to release the unclassified report into what it and experts call “unidentified aerial phenomena”, but which are often known as unidentified flying objects or UFOs.

The hope is that those aerial phenomena might become a little more unidentified, and that the unclassified report will finally reveal at least some clues into what they could be.

But early indications is that they could remain mysterious, with the US government having failed to identify what the strange flying objects are.

The Pentagon report will be an exciting moment for those who have been hunting proof that there is something unknown out there. But what will it really reveal about the supposedly mysterious technology that could be hurtling around our skies?

What are the UAPs?

In short, and as the name suggests, we don’t know. That’s precisely what makes them so fascinating.

What we do know is that Navy pilots have seen phenomena during their flights that do not appear to be explicable by any technology that is publicly announced. They move in what is thought to be impossible ways, accelerating faster than known planes, switching direction incredibly fast, or submerging themselves.

Explanations have mostly tended to fall in one of two camps: technology from other countries, or other worlds.

Some have suggested that the technology could be the result of other states, such as China or Russia, using technology of the kind that the US is yet to develop and does not understand.

Others have speculated that the reports are really the result of the US hiding things from itself – and that the technology seen by the Navy pilots was coming from American experiments that are not public enough to be known as an explanation.

But the most intriguing explanation is the possibility that the technology is really and truly alien, and that extraterrestrial objects are here on Earth.

What will the report say?

Early indications suggest that it is unlikely to give any definite indication of what the UAPs could be. It is expected to show what the US really knows about the UAPs – by examining information from classified reports, comparing that with the public videos and other data, and trying to understand what the technology could be behind them – but reports suggest that has not led to anything much new that will be revealed to the public.

At the begining of the month, the New York Times reported that the report could not find any evidence that they were alien spacecraft – but could not rule it out either. The unexplained movements of the aircraft remain inexplicable, according to early leaks of the report.

The only thing it is definitely likely to conclude is that the Navy pilots had seen some secret technology that was being kept under wraps by the US itself, the paper reported. It said that it will conclude that vast majority of the incidents were not the result of American military or other hidden technology, the paper reported.

The New York Times also said that the report will include what it referred to as a “classified annex”, not made available to the public. It reported that those pages will not include information about alien technology, but will no doubt lead to speculation that it does.

Otherwise, it is likely to be limited in the information it will give, not ruling out or confirming any other explanation. As such, the report is likely to encourage more speculation about UFOs or mysterious technology created by other countries, rather than shutting it down.

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