Fans react as Georgia Toffolo begs for help after being ‘detained’ at Maldives airport

‘I’ve planned such a lovely Christmas here,’ says I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here winner

Olivia Petter
Sunday 22 December 2019 14:18
Georgia Toffolo begs for help after being 'detained' at Maldives airport

Georgia Toffolo has begged for help after having been “detained” in the Maldives – and her fans have had mixed reactions, with some expressing sympathy while others have mocked her.

The I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here winner spoke about the issue on social media, explaining that she has been detained at Male airport due to a missing page in her passport.

“I’ve planned such a lovely Christmas here in the Maldives so I need to get here for Christmas Day,” Toffolo said in an Instagram story.

In one video, the 25-year-old cries on camera while explaining that she is not allowed to leave the airport, nor can she board a flight home to the UK.

According to the government website, consular assistance to British nationals in Maldives is provided by the High Commission in Columbo, Sri Lanka, but the former Made in Chelsea star said she has been unable to contact anyone for help.

“I’m so upset, I’ve tried to hard to get in touch with any British representative, there is no one here. I just don’t know what to do,” Toffolo said on her Instagram story.

“I’m looking at four days in a centre until the next flight that will be willing to take me home. Can someone help me?”

In another video, Toffolo said she has now been moved to a “detention centre”, telling fans: “I don’t know how this is even legal?”

Fans of the reality TV star have advised contacting UK authorities, while others replied with contact phone numbers for the High Commission in Colombo.

“Keep calm and contact the UK authorities,” tweeted one person. “If a page is missing they see it as if you’re hiding which countries you have been in. You’ll get home, it’s just going to take a while. Keep calm, it’s clearly an accident.”

“Gosh sending love hun,” tweeted Nadia Essex, former dating coach on Celebs Go Dating, which Toffolo has appeared on. “Must be so scary. Hope you get it sorted ASAP.”

But not everybody was quite as sympathetic, with some people questioning why Toffolo’s phone had not been taken away while another teased that she could “end up full Bridget Jones in Thailand”.

“Wouldn’t have your phone on if this was the case,they demand you turn ALL electricals off before you enter the holding room,” tweeted one person.

“And someone like yourself who comes across as having some nounce about you,your first thought wouldn’t be to put it on twitter,I expect you know protocol [sic].”

In one tweet that has garnered more than 400 likes, a user teased: “Have you tried shouting ‘I’m a celebrity....get me outta here’? I think they’re obliged to stop the task.”

However, Caron Rohsley, British ambassador to Maldives, said that support was on its way to Toffolo, tweeting: “Consular assistance is being provided and I am confident you will soon be enjoying all the delights that Maldives has to offer. PM me if you need more info.”

Toffolo has since confirmed that she has been permitted to leave the airport.

“If I hadn’t posted online I would 100 per cent still be stuck without my passport!” she wrote in an Instagram post before thanking her followers.

“This scares me because it is such a privilege to have a following on social media – people can hear me. What if I didn’t have a social media following? I can’t bear to think of another girl in the situation I found myself in where no one can hear you.”

The reality star added that was “extremely grateful” to the British government and immigration officials for allowing her into the Maldives and revealed she made some “lovely friends” in the detention centre.

You can read more about what to do if you’re refused boarding due to a damaged passport here.

The Independent has contacted Toffolo for comment.

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