Golden retriever participates as ring bearer in wedding ceremony

‘What a good dog,’ says fan

Kaleigh Werner
New York
Monday 29 April 2024 19:19 BST
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A golden retriever named Pancakes was the centre of attention at a recent wedding ceremony.

Assuming the role of ring bearer, Pancakes strutted down the aisle eager to greet his owner at the altar in Liverpool, England. In a short video clip published by Good Morning America, which was filmed by the pet’s uncle, the officiant can be heard asking: “Who has the rings?”

Pancakes quickly took notice of his cue, surging between two sections of guests inside the church. The sweet dog was dressed in a wrap-around tuxedo with rings fastened to his back. As people waved their hands in the aisle toward him, Pancakes got distracted amid screams of, “Good boy.”

It ultimately took the groom, bride, and officiant to hold him down once he arrived at the altar. The three individuals picked at the back of his garment before eventually grabbing the rings.

Online, fans fawned over the heartwarming moment and noted how well-behaved Pancakes seemed during the ceremony.

“What a good dog,” one user wrote on X, formerly Twitter, while another said: “Ooh too CUTE.”

“I love dogs,” a third person added.

The golden retriever’s role in the couple’s wedding ceremony isn’t unusual for dog owners. Many people include their pets in their nuptials, but not all of them go as smoothly as Pancakes’ entrance.

In March 2023, Martha Stewart published a “dos and don’ts” for having a dog in a wedding ceremony. “Furry friends make the event much more memorable, but they also require special handling,” the outlet stated.

Taking consideration of both your personality and your dog’s personality is “crucial,” according to the article. Keeping a “relaxed attitude” is also essential, especially with all the excited guests. “Don’t involve your dog in your wedding if it’s going to introduce unnecessary stress for you and your partner.”

However, it’s important to take note of all the dangers the venue or event could pose to your dog.

“If your pet’s wedding attire - or the venue décor, for that matter - includes flowers, do your research (or make sure your florist does!) as some are toxic,” Martha Stewart pointed out. “Ask the venue about pesticides or toxic plants on the grounds, and about creatures that might distract or threaten your pet.”

Preparing in advance will help reduce the risk of anything going wrong. Oftentimes, people will hire pet handlers to help watch their dogs when they’re off fulfilling other wedding duties. If your dog can’t be physically present for certain reasons, like the venue doesn’t allow pets, there are other ways to honour them too - by posting pictures in a slideshow or naming a special cocktail after them.

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