Gucci models walked runway with extra eyeballs during Milan Fashion Week show

Cyclops is now high-fashion 

Chelsea Ritschel
in New York
Wednesday 21 February 2018 19:34 GMT
Extra eyes were a hit at the Gucci fashion show (Instagram)
Extra eyes were a hit at the Gucci fashion show (Instagram)

The hot new fashion trend for this autumn has been revealed - extra eyeballs.

During Milan Fashion Week, Gucci showed that fashion can be the thing of nightmares when they sent models down the runway with three eyes.

Designed by Alessandro Michele for Gucci, the fall 2018 collection showed beautiful clothes - in addition to extra 'eyes' appearing on heads and hands, alongside purses designed to look like the model's head.

Set up in an old-fashioned operating theatre, all of the looks were quite freaky, but perhaps the most eye-opening of the new fall trends was the third eye added to some of the models.

Eerily realistic, the third eye was thankfully just the result of some seriously impressive makeup, created using mascara, prosthetics, fake eyelashes, and glue.

And while it was hard to miss the third eye stuck on to one model in the middle of her forehead, other extra eyes were placed on models’ hands - a trend that can easily translate to real-life if you are into that.

But if multiple eyes aren’t your thing, perhaps carrying a replica of your own head could show off your sense of fashion - inspired by the models who ditched handbags in favour of their faces.

Unfortunately, your very own specially-made replicated head may not be ready for quite a while.

Created with the help of Makinarium, a “factory of techno-artisans who produce bespoke special and visual effects,” according to Vogue, the heads actually took six months to create - and required moulds, 3-D prints, and head scans.

If those were too creepy, you could always carry a miniature dragon - as some of the models did.

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