Lingerie brand criticised for sexy 'Handmaid's Tale' Halloween costume

The outfit has now been removed from the online store

Rachel Hosie
Friday 21 September 2018 13:55 BST

A lingerie and costume retailer has apologised for selling a sexualised “Handmaid’s Tale” outfit for Halloween.

American lingerie brand Yandy came under fire for its ‘Brave Red Maiden’ costume, which was on sale for $65 (£49) until the brand removed it following the backlash.

It made reference to the outfits female characters are made to wear in the hugely popular dystopian TV drama The Handmaid’s Tale, based on Margaret Atwood's book, in which women are forced into surrogacy as sex slaves.

“An upsetting dystopian future has emerged where women no longer have a say,” the description of the item read. “However, we say be bold and speak your mind in this exclusive Brave Red Maiden costume.”

But after people discovered the outfit, many expressed their shock and outrage on Twitter, referencing the fact that the outfits from the TV show have become politically charged, with women across the globe wearing them to protest against the oppression of women.

“Does nobody think sexy versions of a ritual rape outfit might not, possibly, be just a wee bit totally f***ing wrong on every level,” one person wrote.

Yandy has now released a statement apologising for the costume and removed it from its site.

“Yandy always has stood, and will continue to stand, at the forefront of encouraging our customers to ‘own your sexy’,” the brand said.

“We support our customers being comfortable in their skin, regardless of who they are or what they choose to wear. Our corporate ideology is rooted in female empowerment and gender empowerment overall.

“Over the last few hours, it has become obvious that our ‘Yandy Brave Red Maiden Costume’ is being seen as a symbol of women’s oppression, rather than an expression of women’s empowerment.

“This is unfortunate, as it was not our intention on any level. Our initial inspiration to create the piece was through witnessing its use in recent months as a powerful protest image.

“Given the sincere, heartfelt response, supported by numerous personal stories we’ve received, we are removing the costume from our site.”

The statement received mixed reactions though.

And some people were mostly outraged by the price: "65 bucks for a piece of tacky red fabric," wrote one person. "Jeez."

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