Engineers develop real-life version of magical Harry Potter clock

No magic necessary 

Chelsea Ritschel
in New York
Wednesday 24 January 2018 18:20 GMT
(Kickstarter Eta Clock)
(Kickstarter Eta Clock)

Anyone that’s seen Harry Potter knows the clock Molly Weasley uses to keep track of the whereabouts of her family members.

Made up of nine mismatched spoons, one for each family member, the clock doesn’t tell time but instead keeps Mrs Weasley informed of whether her children and her husband are at home, school, travelling, lost, in the hospital, or in peril.

But no longer is Mrs Weasley’s magical clock confined to the wizarding world - thanks to muggles who have invented a similar clock using GPS technology.

The Eta Clock is the creation of tech-wizards Kristie and Eric D’Ambrosio Cornell, a husband and wife team of MIT-trained engineers - and it is quite magical.

Based on a similar idea, the Eta Clock uses GPS technology to determine where to point the separate hands on the clock - from location options including work, school, hospital, lost, airport, abroad, transit, out, friends, home, family, and gym.

According to the clock’s Kickstarter campaign, the Eta Clock “doesn’t tell time. Instead, it keeps you connected to those who matter most, exchanging time for location.

“The Eta Clock tells you where the people in your life spend their time, with each hand representing a person in your connection circle and each segment of the clock face corresponding to a destination.”

(Kickstarter) The Eta Clock is the real-life Harry Potter clock

But for the clock to work, family members must download an Eta Clock app, create an account, and add locations into the app.

Using the locations entered into the app, the clock is then capable of determining where each person is - and using the hands on the clock to mimic their movements.

Currently, the magical clock is available via the Kickstarter page - with a pledge of $250 (£175) buying you a miniature version of the clock, set to be delivered sometime in late 2018.

But if you pledge $400 (£281), you will be able to purchase a full-sized version of the clock.

“A truly whimsical device that combines functionality with wonder,” the Eta Clock “gives owners a sense of peaceful connectedness,” according to its Kickstarter.

We can’t wait to buy one.

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