Blogger with cervical cancer shares candid photos of hair loss on Instagram

‘Hair is hair no more no less and it does NOT define you’

Olivia Petter
Friday 24 November 2017 15:38 GMT

A 23-year-old blogger with stage two cervical cancer has revealed the true extent of her hair loss in a series of candid photographs.

Milly Smith was diagnosed one month ago but has been living with the disease for three years.

In a side-by-side image, she shows the drastic rate at which chemotherapy has caused her hair to thin and fall out.

While she maintains some hair, Smith revealed that she will ultimately lose all of it as a result of her intense treatment.

However, the optimistic blogger has not lost hope, explaining that she is at peace with her condition and its side effects.

“I realised that a year ago this would have devastated me beyond belief but right now I’m at peace with it and it’s due to self love and positivity,” she wrote in the post, which has now been liked more than 40,000 times.

“My hair isn’t what makes me beautiful,” she added, “it’s my kind and wonderful soul that shines out like sunbeams.”

Smith’s empowering post has been met with huge praise by her 186,000 followers, who expressed admiration of the blogger for her bravery and authenticity.

“You're beautiful even with your hair falling out because the amount of hair you have doesn’t define your right to feel pretty & your beautiful soul is outshining your material form. Keep going. Just shaved my head, feels like a blessing & a rebirth,” wrote one commenter.

“Well said babe!! Hope your feeling okay after your chemo. Your positivity shines so much your a wonderful beautiful woman!” added another.

Smith is most-loved by her followers for her honest comparison posts, in which she documents her battle against cervical cancer and depression with defiant optimism.

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