Chrissy Teigen gets botox in her armpits to stop sweating: 'The best move I have ever made'

Procedure can also be performed on hands and feet

Sarah Young@sarah_j_young
Wednesday 14 August 2019 08:30
Chrissy Teigen gets botox in her armpits to prevent sweating

Chrissy Teigen has revealed that she got botox in her armpits to prevent sweating.

On Tuesday, the model shared a series of videos of herself getting the procedure on Instagram Stories.

“Botoxed my armpits”, Teigen wrote over the clip.

“Truly the best move I have ever made.”

The star then enthused that she can now finally wear silk clothing again without "soaking".

Documenting the experience on social media, Teigen can be seen in the videos lying on her back as her doctor, Jason Diamond, injects botox into her armpits.

The Lip Sync Battle presenter appeared to be a bit nervous about the procedure as she held a piece of cloth over her mouth.

However, the catwalk star commented that the pain wasn’t too bad.

“That really isn’t anything,” Teigen said before taking a sigh of relief.

(Instagram: @chrissyteigen)

“It looked very frightening.”

According to the NHS, excessive sweating is also known as hyperhidrosis and is effectively the result of over-stimulation of sweat glands.

While excessive sweating can be a common issue and sometimes improves with age, the NHS adds that there are some treatments that can help, including botox.

But how does it work?

(Instagram: @chrissyteigen)

Hyperhidrosis UK – a UK-based company that provides information for people who suffer from excessive sweating – states that botox works by paralysing the sweat glands.

“It requires multiple small injections of the toxin a few centimetres apart in the armpit,” Hyperhidrosis UK explains.

For hyperhidrosis, botox is licensed to be used in the armpits, but it can also be used in other areas prone to sweating in certain individuals.

This includes the palms (hands), soles (feet), forehead, scalp, and potentially other more delicate areas such as the inframammary fold (underneath the breast) and scrotum.

The NHS recommends that you see your GP if you're sweating excessively and:

  • it's lasted for at least 6 months
  • it stops you from getting on with your daily activities
  • it happens at least once a week
  • it happens at night (you're having night sweats)
  • you have a family history of excessive sweating
  • you're taking medication for another condition
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To help mange the amount you sweat, the NHS also recommends wearing loose-fitting clothes to minimise signs of sweating, wearing socks that absorb moisture and changing your socks at least twice a day, and wearing leather shoes.

You can also purchase stronger antiperspirants instead of deodorant and try using soap substitutes that are more gentle on your skin.

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