Watch Hunter Hobbs' amazing body transformation over just three months

YouTuber makes incredible time-lapse video showing three month fitness transformation

The biggest thing I have learned is how big of an impact changing my diet can affect my body

Rachel Hosie@rachel_hosie
Tuesday 17 April 2018 13:00

A YouTuber has posted a time-lapse video showing his fitness transformation over 12 weeks.

Hunter Hobbs took a picture every day for three months, during which time he dedicated himself to the gym and was strict with his diet.

He then put the pictures together as a time-lapse video, creating a striking watch.

“I honestly decided to do it because I was really curious to see what would actually happen if I completely dedicated myself and went all out for 12 weeks on my diet and the gym,” he told The Independent.

“This is a time in my life where I’ve got really no other excuses and I knew if I could pull this off I could also make a really cool video.”Hobbs, from Norman, Oklahoma, lost 42 pounds whilst also gaining muscle over the three months.

He went to the gym five to six times a week, lifting weights and finishing each session with 20-30 minutes of light cardio.

“This was a little extreme but [you] still can make real progress with even a somewhat [less extreme] workout and diet schedule! ” he wrote on YouTube.

Hobbs, 24, admits that the challenge was an experiment designed “to see what would happen if I actually took the gym and my diet (super) serious for three months.”

The start of the challenge

The video reveals that if you really commit to something, you can get incredible results. However Hobbs himself has pointed out that doing so isn’t sustainable for most people.

Hobbs, who works a desk job at an oil and gas company, says the biggest key to his transformation was consistency.

He revealed that he ate a “pretty boring diet” consisting of lots of chicken, sweet potatoes, salad, oats and eggs.

“I tried to avoid really any sugary drinks and alcohol as well which was not fun, but I was trying to get as cut as possible so those moderations normally aren’t bad at all,” Hobbs explained.

The end result

Many people have been impressed by the video and revealed it’s inspired them to improve their health.

“I am obsessed with this video. So Amazing!!!!!! I am inspired,” one person wrote on Instagram.

“This is amazing and inspiring! New set of goals thanks to you!” another fan commented on Facebook.

Hobbs has admitted that the transformation wasn’t easy though.

“The hardest part was just trying to stay consistent and not give into eating all the other unhealthier foods everyone was eating around me,” he said.

“I’m also one of the few people who would bring my lunch everyday to work while everyone else would go out, little tough, but worth it. It would have also been much easier just to come home from work everyday and watch TV on the couch but made a point to get in the gym after work each day.”

He says he feels much better now though, and has more energy confidence and motivation.

“The biggest thing I have learned is how big of an impact changing my diet can affect my body,” Hobbs explains. “Knowing how much your body is taking in is so important. I initially tracked how much I was eating with a fitness app and then got a general idea and relaxed with tracking everything from there.”

Now, however, Hobbs is going to relax a bit more and try and find a healthy balance that allows him to enjoy his life whilst keeping fit.

“I absolutely will keep it up,” he says. “I’m now in the habit of cooking most of my meals and bringing my lunch to work for the most part. I also am going to still go to the gym directly after work everyday. I will be less strict about having a few drinks with friends or eating out occasionally, as long as I remain consistent with everything else.”

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