Health in the future: UNICEF's innovation picks

Friday 03 September 2010 00:00 BST

On September 2, United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) commented on innovations and ideas for the 'Future of Health' report co-created with the business culture blog PSFK. Here are nine concepts that are "great opportunities" for health in the future.

Information Blanket For Newborns: a baby blanket that regulates hot/cold and educates parents and caregivers on warning signs, growth, breastfeeding plus a bar code for health professionals to scan and monitor the baby over time.

Visual Dosage Instructions: the idea of using local artists to develop drug packaging/messaging with images to explain dosage information.

SMS Birth Registration: Creates a birth registration database that healthcare workers can text info to in order to monitor mother-child health and ensure birth certificates are recorded worldwide.

Little Village Board Game: a children's board game to bring awareness to global health, food, water and sanitation. 

Give City: Social gaming for good - sort of like Farmville for competitive giving.

Google Earth Health Codes: utilizing Google Earth to pinpoint the neediest communities in the world with detailed information on real-time epidemics as well as other vitals (births, deaths). 

Baby Bags: large health swag bags (imagine "blue-Ikea bag") with tape measures for handles imprinted with information to help caregivers manage children's health and filled with essential items for a newborn.  

Teach Shirts: instructional t-shirts that show universal images on how to respond with basic first aid, CPR to educate 'virally' in case of natural disasters and emergencies.

This Is Your Community: Incorporate global health campaigns into retail space displays and highlight aid workers.

To learn more about UNICEF/PSFK's 'Future of Health', go to: and for more on UNICEF Innovation:

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