Men should sleep naked at night to improve their sperm

One third of the UK's population sleeps in the nude - and they're probably better for it 

Mollie Goodfellow@hansmollman
Monday 19 October 2015 11:56

Men should sleep naked at night if they want to improve their sperm count.

According to a study by the National Institute of Child Health and Development and Stanford University, men who wear boxers during the day but go nude at bedtime have 25 per cent less DNA fragmentation than men who wear tight boxers day and night.

500 men were followed over a period of 12 months and their choice of underwear and quality of sperm were monitored in the research.

Men who are hoping to be able to reproduce are advised to sleep naked, but during the day a loose pair of boxers is considered the best underwear choice for improving fertility.

One third of people in the UK sleep naked according to an international survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation.

Sleeping naked not only benefits men, but women who sleep naked are less likely to suffer from yeast infections.

It can also help people sleep better. Your body temperature will naturally drop as you go to sleep, however if you’re wrapped up warm your body can find it more difficult to reach the optimal sleeping temperature, thereby leading to a disturbed night.

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