Men, do you need a condom-fitting?

Friday 03 December 2010 01:00 GMT

A London-based condom retail website says that nearly 83 percent of all English men wear the wrong size condom. The solution: a "made-to-measure" condom called My.Size.

In a November 30 news release,, also known an Vinico (the same company that helped introduce the spray-on condom in 2006), announced is offering a Mann-O-Meter, where men can input data on their penis length, width, and circumference and get information on which condom brands will fit like a glove.

Included in the list is Vinico's My.Size condom, which offers seven different sizes (previously six), ranging from 40 mm to 69 mm in width. Also consumers can select from brands such as Durex, Amor, Condomi, Lümmeltüten, Ramses, Masculan, among others. Available options are more limited for men on both ends of the spectrum of large and small.

A survey carried out by interviewing 2,539 English men found the "typical" penis length ranged from 9 to 22 cm with an average of 14.67 cm, "which means there is just is no standard size," said the release. The survey reported that a standard condom fits only 17.6 percent of men, leaving the rest of the guys wearing ill-fitting condoms that are "so tight they cut off circulation (and impede erections) or so large they're floppy and nonfunctional," according to the My.Size website.

A similar 2009 study by the US-based Kinsey Institute and the University of Kentucky found that in an online survey of 436 men, nearly 45 percent reported problems with ill-fitting condoms, including breakage, slippage, and difficulty reaching orgasm for both their partner and for themselves.

A box of three custom-sized My.Size condoms is priced at 2.49 euros.

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