Man served wife divorce papers after romantic cruise, dinner and dance

David Maclean
Friday 20 January 2017 08:22 GMT

Men have been revealing the moment they realised they didn’t love their partner any more – and the stories range from sad to brutal.

The debate triggered some revealing responses from men who’d lost the spark for their other half.

One said the moment he realised things weren’t right was when a friend asked whether he’d marry his girlfriend, and “I answered ‘no’ almost too quickly”.

Money problems main reason for relationship breakdown

They stayed together for another year, before he ended it when she cheated on him.

The debate began on the AskMen section of Reddit, where one man said simply: “I knew when she farted and I was just annoyed and didn’t giggle anymore.”

Another said he realised that things were over when most days he didn’t want to go back to their home.

“She was usually just waiting for me to entertain her, and would get bitter if I worked on my side business over eating dinner and watching movies with her for hours.”

For one guy it was a holiday argument that clarified his feelings. When his girlfriend asked: “Do you even care that I’m upset?” he simply “realised that I didn’t” and left her four days later.

But the most brutal story was third-hand, where Reddit user admlshake recounted how his buddy went on vacation with her husband of three years.

After a “private cruise, fancy dinner and slow dancing”, he blurted out: “I don’t love you anymore. I want a divorce” and pulled out signed divorce papers. Awkward.

Most seemed to simply drift, and in some respects those stories felt the most depressing.

One man sung the praises of his “great girlfriend” who was an “even better person”, but said he stopped wanting to hold her hand, have sex with her, or do much together at home.

“I started to realise that I was just in the relationship because it was comfortable and safe, but there wasn't really any fire in there for me.”

It was the story that resonated with readers the most.

“Ugh, this terrifies me,” said one. “Oh. You just put into words exactly how i feel about my relationship,” said another.

The simple rule of thumb emerged from the whole discussion: if you enjoy your time alone way more than time with your significant other, it probably means you should break it off.

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