Being a mother is equivalent to 2.5 full-time jobs, survey finds

The average mother spends 98 hours a week on parenting duties

Olivia Petter
Friday 16 March 2018 10:30 GMT
Mothers work 98 hours week, survey finds

Changing nappies, juggling schedules, trying to maintain some some semblance of personal hygiene... motherhood is no joke.

Taking care of children really is a full-time job; in fact, it’s two and a half, according to research which has found that the time mothers spend on parent-related tasks equates to a 98-hour work week.

The US survey of 2,000 mothers of children aged five to 12 reveals that the average mother will “clock-in” at 6.23am and continue to conduct motherly duties until 8.31pm on a normal day.

This amount of time breaks down to working a 14-hour shift seven days a week, extending far beyond the hours of any “normal” job.

The research into the numerous pressures faced by mothers was commissioned by American juice brand Welch’s and also found that the average mother manages to save just an hour and seven minutes for herself every day.

The study also revealed that 40 per cent of mothers feel their life is dominated by a never-ending to-do list.

“The results of the survey highlight just how demanding the role of mom can be and the non-stop barrage of tasks it consists of,” said Casey Lewis, health and nutrition lead at Welch's.

“Busy mums may identify with the list of ‘lifesavers’, which highlights not just a rigorous workload but a constant requirement to feed and fuel the family, week in and week out.”

When asked to name the items they rely on to get them through their arduous weeks, participating mothers cited a constant supply of coffee and copious naps in addition to Netflix, wet wipes, toys and iPads.

This isn’t the first piece of research to reveal the extent of a hard-working mother’s duties.

A 2013 study conducted by the optician Jul_Eye found that the average mother’s to-do list consists of 26 tasks and includes organising snacks, making breakfast and remembering key appointment dates.

They say being a mother is the greatest job in the world... evidently, it may also be the toughest.

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