Surgeon issues warning to Brits travelling to Turkey

Adequate aftercare is often not included in the cost of a cheaper treatment, surgeon warns

Ellie Muir
Thursday 25 May 2023 15:09 BST

A surgeon has issued a warning of the dangers faced by Brits who fly abroad for cosmetic surgery.

Thousands of UK residents fly to places like Turkey and Poland for cosmetic and dental work, which costs less money than the price to get the work completed in the UK.

A plastic surgeon has said that people are often misinformed before deciding to undergo the procedure.

Dr Ahmed Alsayed, who is lead surgeon and medical director at plastic surgery specialists Signature Clinic told HullLive: “Many people fail to do their research and focus too much on money, rather than the quality or safety of the clinic.”

The surgeon has said that people are usually not made aware of the aftercare they might need after surgery, which could incur more costs back in the UK.

“Clinics in the UK have to adhere to the strictest levels of expertise, safety and cleanliness. You just can’t be sure you’ll get that from a cheaper option abroad,” Alsayed said.

The medical professional adds that aftercare is likely not included in the treatment plan, and it can be difficult for patients if something goes wrong and their doctor is in a different country.

“I would always advise doing as much research as possible into the surgery and the clinic to make sure you are totally confident you are making the right decision,” the surgeon said.

Dr Alsayed added: “Surgery is an incredibly personal decision, so it’s important to go into the process fully informed, and totally sure that it is what you want to do. The best clinics will provide a comprehensive before and aftercare program that puts the patient at the heart of it.”

Brits are seeking cosmetic surgery abroad to find cheaper treatments

Last year, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) found that the number of Brits being treated for serious complications following cosmetic surgery abroad rose by 44 per cent.

These opportunities for cheaper surgery are often sold as a package holiday – with hotel stay, airport transfer and flights included in the price of the overall procedure.

Speaking to the Independent earlier this year, BAAPS president Marc Pacifico warned of the effects of selling treatment in this way.

“Making a decision about surgery is a lifelong decision,” Pacifico said. “By glamorising the procedure, and making it sound like it’s a holiday, it takes away the reality of the risks and problems.”

Also speaking to The Independent, a 25-year-old woman who received faulty cosmetic dental surgery at a clinic in Turkey advised other people to rethink before they go abroad for surgery.

“Do your research in the UK and think before you go,” she said, adding: “I wouldn’t have got the work done if I had known about the long-term effects and now I have to pay to try and correct that.”

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