Trump reportedly swaps steak for fish as part of weight loss diet

The President is apparently on a mission to shed some pounds

Sabrina Barr
Friday 01 June 2018 19:13

Donald Trump’s love of fast food has been well-documented in the past, with his former McDonald’s order apparently consisting of two Big Macs, two Filet-O-Fish and a chocolate milkshake.

Recent reports have hinted that the President has been attempting to somewhat reduce his intake of unhealthy foods, such as by eating a hamburger with only half the bun.

The chefs at the White House have allegedly been instructed to make a number of changes to Trump’s daily eating regime in an effort to help the President shed some extra pounds.

The former host of The Apprentice is known for enjoying a well-done steak smothered in an excessive amount of ketchup.

However, he’s apparently started eating Dover sole at the White House instead and was even spotted ordering the fish while dining out at the Trump International Hotel.

CNN has stated that a nutritionist has been brought into the White House to instruct the chefs in the kitchen of ways that they can reduce the President’s intake of fatty and highly calorific foods.

Apparently the President’s meals are now being served with a greater portion of vegetables, although the quantity of vegetables that he actually consumes hasn’t been confirmed.

CNN received its intel regarding Trump’s healthy eating diet from someone who they described as “a person familiar with the matter.”

In May, the President’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani spoke to The Washington Post about Trump’s choice to eat a well-done burger with only half the bun while dining together at a golf club in Virginia.

According to The Post, this method of eating the hamburger was done “in service to his health.”

“I do that too, sometimes,” Giuliani said, referencing his dining companion’s decision to forego half of the hamburger bun. “It’s a good way to do it.”

Trump’s daughter Ivanka and wife Melania are supposedly trying to help him lose weight by adopting a healthier and more active lifestyle, aside from his weekly ventures to the golf course.

In January, White House doctor Ronny Jackson informed a room full of reporters that Trump preferred not to exercise, stating: “Some people exercise, some people don’t.”

The President’s physical examination revealed that he weighs 239 pounds and stands at 6ft 3 inches tall.

Despite Trump being classed as “overweight” according to the BMI scale, Dr Jackson stated that he was in “excellent health” following the examination.

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