Hershey’s responds to criticism over its new Kisses holiday commercial

Iconic Kisses bells commercial has aired since 1989

Chelsea Ritschel
New York
Wednesday 02 December 2020 17:22
Outrage as Hershey's updates classic 'Christmas Bells' advert
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Hershey’s is assuring its customers its beloved Kisses holiday commercial has not been replaced after a new ad featuring the chocolates sparked backlash.

Since 1989, the confectionary company has aired a commercial featuring the foil-wrapped Kisses as bells playing We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

However, this year, Hershey’s unveiled a new version of the ad, which sees the Kisses begin to play the holiday tune only for a young child’s hand to reach in and take one of the chocolates.

The commercial, titled “Bells to Blossoms,” then sees the young girl and her father in their kitchen placing the Kisses on top of peanut butter blossom cookies they are baking, before ending with the sentiment: “Heartwarming the holidays.”

Despite the heartwarming advert opening with a portion of the iconic 31-year-old ad, the change was met with disapproval from many viewers, who shared their frustrations on social media.

“Even though it seems silly for me to complain about a commercial, I really hate what Hershey’s did with their iconic holiday Kisses commercial. To me, that original commercial was perfect and my favourite Christmas commercial ever and they completely ruined it. I hope they fix it,” one person tweeted.

Another said: “@Hersheys redid my favourite Christmas commercial of ALL time. Have loved this commercial and have looked forward to it for over 30 years!!!!!  Why change it now??? Just won't be the holidays without hearing that last Hershey's Kiss let out a big ‘whew’ at the end! Damn you 2020.”

“Alright @Hersheys, I know it’s finally the holiday season when I hear the first few notes of We Wish You a Merry Christmas of your iconic Hershey’s Kisses commercial. I love it every year, even though it’s 30 years old. WHY DID YOU CHANGE IT THIS YEAR? Bring back the classic!” someone else tweeted at the chocolate company.

Initially, Hershey’s responded to the criticism on Twitter promising disgruntled customers that it would pass on the frustrations.

“We are sorry to hear of your disappointment, Beth. After 30 years, we decided to honour holiday baking traditions with a new Bells commercial that included a nod to the original! We will share your comments with our team!” the company’s official Twitter account assured one viewer.

In a statement to Today, Hershey’s also pointed out that it had run its original ad this year up until 23 November, at which point it unveiled the new rendition.

However, following backlash, the company has since announced it will be airing both commercials.

“We will be running both ads this holiday season - the original Kisses Bells and the new Kisses Bells to Blossoms,” a spokesperson for Hershey’s confirmed to The Independent.

While the announcement is likely to placate the numerous viewers who had been disappointed, it is also good news for the chocolate fans who approved the new Hershey’s commercial.

“@Hersheys I loved the new commercial for the Kisses. I thought it was super cute,” one person wrote. 

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