Mother shows off hilarious double typo made on son’s homework assignment

‘That’s a tired teacher’

Brittany Miller
New York
Tuesday 30 April 2024 21:48 BST
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A common occurrence with elementary school teachers is having to correct spelling mistakes.

A mother recently took to Reddit to share a correction that was made on her son’s homework assignment. It appeared to be a grammar worksheet with multiple choice questions asking the children to select the correct spelling of a specific word. But there was one question that allowed them to write a “bonus sentence” using specific vocab words.

“My son misspelled a word, so the teacher corrected him,” read the caption on the mother’s Reddit post.

Her son’s sentence read: “Wy can’t it be night.” The teacher ended up making a correction, changing “wy” to “way” despite indications that the child meant to write “why.”

After posting, many people ended up taking to the comments to express how funny they found the mistake to be.

“That’s a tired teacher lol,” one comment read, pointing out that teachers have to correct a lot of assignments.

“100 per cent as a former overworked ESL teacher who would often grade hundreds of worksheets a week I can say that I’ve absolutely made dumb typos like this before,” another commenter wrote. “There’s a certain type of autopilot one slips into when it’s 10 at night after a full day of teaching and you’re two glasses of wine deep and have corrected a few dozen worksheets AND you have to get up and do it again the next morning.”

Another teacher commented: “As a teacher, when you have a whole class’s papers to mark, your brain gets so focused on marking, not writing.”

This isn’t the first time a student’s homework answer went viral on Reddit. Previously, one mother took to the “Funny” subreddit to share what her daughter in first grade wrote down as an answer to one of her homework problems.

The assignment required the children to use different methods to add two large numbers together. One question then required her daughter to explain how she knew her answer was right. Her daughter’s response to this question was her writing, “I just know.”

“My daughter can’t be bothered with these questions,” her mother captioned the Reddit post.

She later revealed in an interview with Newsweek what happened after the assignment was turned in. “It came back with that answer circled by the teacher. I thought it was funny because it was so typical of her, but I also always felt the same way about those math questions growing up,” she told the outlet.

Although she found her daughter’s answer to be funny, she did end up having a talk with her about it and asked why she wrote “I just know” down on her assignment. Her daughter’s response was once again, “I don’t know. I just know it.”

She added that they “talked it through until she had something better to write”. The parents didn’t originally plan to share the response on social media, but after showing their daughter’s response to her husband, he suggested they share it.

“Honestly, I thought it wouldn’t amount to much,” the mother said. “I thought maybe a few people would get a laugh and disappear.”

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