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Woman documents tunnels and crawlspaces she’s found in rental home in viral TikTok: ‘Coraline vibes’

‘Please stay ANYWHERE else,’ one viewer urged

Chelsea Ritschel
New York
Thursday 06 May 2021 16:11 BST
(TikTok / j__babii)

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after showing a series of “terrifying” crawlspaces and narrow passageways dispersed throughout the home she is renting.

Kay, who goes by the username @jj__babii on the app, uploaded the first video of a crawlspace in the home last month, where she captioned it: “Things in my rental home that just don’t make sense.”

In the clip, which has been viewed more than 4.8m times, Kay, who revealed that she rented the home “unseen” after moving cross-country, opened a small door to a tiny passageway, in which an orange Converse can be seen, as well as a light switch.

“That’s not my shoe,” she narrated the video, before walking across the home to show the other end of the passageway.

In a follow-up clip, Kay can be seen crawling into the passageway, explaining that she had to crawl in “head first” to fit.

After telling her followers that she “swears she heard a knocking noise,” the renter then shows off a bit of “random wood flooring,” a light fixture, thumbtacks poked into the walls of the passageway at random, and an outlet.

At the end of the clip, Kay said: “Then it got weird,” before turning around in the room with the entrance to show another small door above the closet, which she said she never noticed.

In a third part, Kay opens the latest door to unveil a smaller space with a strand of sparkly door beads and a box of Cheese Nips from 26 August 2016.

Another clip of the home, which Kay and her followers compared to the children’s movie Coraline, sees her crawling through the original crawlspace, at one point showing the camera writing on the wall that reads: “I heart Colleen’s body.”

“Kind of creepy,” Kay said, before showing herself waving from the exit door of the crawlspace.

The TikTok user then addressed questions about the single orange Converse, revealing that it is not her shoe, nor is it even her size, before also pointing out a small lampshade covering a hole in the passageway.

The clip also showed Kay sharing the inside of an “actual safe room,” with her followers, which featured a room that could be locked from the inside.

The rental home also features a window placed above the staircase that opens to an additional crawl space filled with tons of leaves, as well as another door, with Kay finding a USTA (United States Tennis Association) beginner badge.

According to Kay, although she did not want to crawl through the space, she believes it leads to the garage.

In the comments, people have expressed both fear and concern for Kay, with many encouraging her to move out of the house immediately.

“Hell no I don’t feel comfortable with you staying there and I don’t even know you,” one person commented, while another said: “That gives me ‘somebody lives in the walls’ vibes.”

“This is how every horror movie starts,” someone else partly joked.

Others encouraged Kay to get security videos, with the TikTok user revealing that the homeowners actually left cameras in the home already.

“So the weird thing is the owners left 16 working security cameras for me,” she wrote in response to the suggestion. But she did note that the listing did not include a description of the home’s “tunnel system”.

However, Kay also acknowledged that the series of tunnels and passageways could have been built as “safe ways” for intruders, replying to a comment that suggested it: “This is possible! The home was built in 1959.”

The Independent has contacted Kay for comment.

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