How to change your life with one morning trick, according to yoga guru

It promises to leave you feeling invincible 

Sarah Young
Thursday 19 January 2017 13:50 GMT
The spiritual guru has the answer to feeling invincible
The spiritual guru has the answer to feeling invincible

Waking up, for many of us, is the biggest struggle of our day and something that requires a little intervention.

Whether it’s the offensive ring of an alarm or two mugs of black coffee, unless you’re in the small minority, we all need a little help to feel sprightly in the a.m.

Enter Guru Jagat. The Kundalini yoga master that believes mental strength training is the key to making good mornings happen.

“We’ve all spent a lot of time focusing on weaknesses—neuroticising, habituating, and regurgitating them to our friends, therapists, and anyone who will listen to us,” she told Well and Good.

“Instead of going down that well-trodden path, let’s focus on our strengths.

“The first thought you have in the morning is not your strengths. Like, who woke up this a.m. [thinking], I’m the infinite incarnation of the perfect one? So that’s why I like to catch things in the morning.”

The trick here, she explains, is to keep your approach simple and to try to do something positive each morning, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

For example, try saying to yourself, “All right, I’m going to live this day in the way I want to live this day. Not the way that someone tells me to live this day,” Jagat insists.

“If you just do something consistently for three minutes a day, it’s so much more effective and so much more life-changing than going to a yoga class at your gym once a month or a meditation class once in a while.”

The process is all about focusing on your strengths rather than your weaknesses so that it becomes a habit. This, in turn, is said to leave you feeling invincible - even first thing in the morning.

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