The ultimate guide to grooming your beard

Here’s our step-by-step guide to taking care of your beard

Sarah Young
Monday 25 June 2018 13:40 BST

The resurgence in the popularity of the beard began around 2012, according to the Google Trends, and the trend shows little sign of losing momentum six years on.

At its best, a beard can enhance facial shape and features and make a man look more attractive - that being said, no good-looking beard is an accident. It takes time to grow, style and maintain.

Want to know how to achieve thick, healthy bristles? Follow these seven beard grooming tricks that promise to keep your facial hair looking its best.

Pick a style

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Not every hairstyle will suit you and the same goes for facial hair too. While choosing a style of beard should be about expressing yourself and experimenting, it’s also great to know what length or shape suits your face best.

As a rule, square and round faces will benefit from facial hair that’s fuller at the bottom and shorter on the sides, while oblong face shapes should keep the sides fuller and the hair on the chin shorter, Birchbox reports.

If you have an oval face shape, the good news is hat most styles will work so take your pick.

Start trimming

Babyliss iStubble, £60, Babyliss

Even if you’re trying to grow your beard out pruning it is essential and, while it’s always best to leave all that to a pro, you can take matters into your own hands.

For those times when you’re going to need a little sculpting, it’s important to invest in a quality trimmer, and find a technique that suits the shape of beard you’re trying to nurture.

For this, we suggest Babyliss’ iStubble which is perfect for anyone with stubble or a short beard. It has motorised length control that automatically adjusts the comb guide and a new length setting memory which stores and returns to the last selected setting for consistent trimming.

Bring the barbershop home

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One of the best parts about visiting a professional for a shave is the relaxing ritual of a hot towel treatment but, aside from feeling great, it has some practical uses too.

Using a hot towel on your skin helps to open the pores which will create a more even surface when carving your neckline.

It’s also just as important to follow this with a cold towel, or a cold rinse, as this will close the pores and prevent ingrown hairs and redness.

Keep it clean

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Growing a beard from being freshly shaved can feel sharp and itchy, which can inevitably lead to dry, flaky or scaly skin.

As such, it’s important in the early stages of growth to use a face wash that will help rid of old skin cells and keep your facial hair in great condition. There’s no need to invest in a specific beard wash though, simply use a face wash as normal and remember to gently pat dry.

Oil up

Tom Ford Beauty, Tobacco Vanille Conditioning Beard Oil, £42, Mr Porter

If your beard is a little wild then it might be time to invest in an oil. These kind of products act as a moisturising and conditioning agent which not only helps stimulate growth but also leaves your beard feeling softer and looking shinier.

We recommend using yours first thing in the morning after showering and cleansing as the hair follicles will be open and, therefore, easily absorb the product.

Comb through

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While a regular trim will certainly keep your beard in shape, it’s not the only way to maintain it.

In conjunction, you should consider investing in a beard comb as it really can make the difference between a course, rough beard, and one that that’s nicely groomed.

Combing every day will not only tame stubborn hairs but also ensure they grow in the right direction and lessen the possibility of the becoming ingrown.

Style it

Captain Fawcett, Private Stock Beard Balm, £15, Selfridges

Applying product to your beard will also help maintain its shape and for this we suggest picking up a dedicated balm. Not only can beard balms be used as a styling agent that can help add volume and shape, but they often also lock in moisture and protect the hairs from environmental wear.

After you’ve showered, dried and applied oil, simply work through the beard until you achieve your desired shape.

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