<p>Newborn’s mother, who goes by the username @ibmslady on TikTok, demonstrates how her swaddling technique stops her baby from crying</p>

Newborn’s mother, who goes by the username @ibmslady on TikTok, demonstrates how her swaddling technique stops her baby from crying

‘Greatest mom hack’: Mum shows swaddling technique that stops babies crying instantly

‘I promise you it works every single time,’ says TikTok mum

Kate Ng
Saturday 19 June 2021 10:45

The mother of a newborn baby has shared a trick that she says “works every time” to stop babies from crying instantly.

Posting the video on TikTok, the mother – who goes by the username @ibmslady – promised her swaddling technique is “the greatest mom hack for new mothers”.

The video has been viewed more than 7.2 million times and shows the woman holding her crying baby in her arms.

As she demonstrates the technique, she explains: “So what you’re gonna do is switch your baby’s position from facing you to gently turning them over.

“Mae sure their arms are crossed within the swaddle. Make sure that their neck is supported as well so that they can breathe.

“Gently rock them back and forth and I promise you it works every single time!”

After a few seconds of her holding her baby in the specific way she described, the baby appears to have calmed down and stopped crying completely.

The TikTok video garnered almost 7,500 comments, many from grateful parents thanking her for demonstrating the hack.

One person wrote: “My baby is a month old today and I needed this this morning!”

Another joked: “So you’re saying they tired of looking at our faces?”

Even people who didn’t have children found the video informative, with one commenter saying: “Why did I watch the whole thing, I don’t even have a kid?”

Swaddling is a technique used to wrap newborns snugly in a cloth or blanket so they feel safe and secure, imitating conditions inside the womb, according to the National Childbirth Trust (NCT).

However, parents should be aware that swaddling babies does carry some risks if done incorrectly. They may get too hot if wrapped too tightly or in too many blankets, or be at risk of developing hip dysplasia.

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