Husband prompts widespread debate for having his own honey stash

‘I think it’s childish for you to hide it’

Kaleigh Werner
New York
Tuesday 30 April 2024 22:24 BST
Marriage rates are up, divorces are down

A husband’s refusal to share his private honey stash prompted widespread debate among readers, with some arguing his attitude could be considered “childish”.

In this marriage, “what’s mine is yours” doesn’t extend to the sweetener. Taking to Reddit’s confession forum, Am I The A**hole, to gather the opinions of others, the 31-year-old original poster started by explaining the logic behind why he hides his honey.

The Redditor and his wife, 29, have lived together for two years, sharing their home and almost everything inside.

On the honey front, he noted: “I like honey in my oatmeal. More specifically raw honey. Something about the flavour I just adore. So I always bought it even if it cost a bit more than regular.”

“But it just so happens apparently she decided this is ‘our’ honey at one point last year,” he added.

Unfortunately for the husband, once his wife claimed joint custody of the raw honey, it would be gone in two weeks. She would use it on her waffles, while he used it in his porridge.

The difficult part was not that she was using it, but she was using so much of it. According to the Reddit user, the special honey wasn’t available in regular grocery stores nearby, so he always had to purchase the jar on Amazon.

“I didn’t want to seem like a cheapskate telling her to pay me for it so in February the next bottle I got I hid it in my desk where I usually take my breakfast,” he admitted. “Yesterday she happened to catch me pouring it into the oatmeal.”

His wife was immediately upset, calling him childish for sneaking it behind her back.

“But is not sharing if she is taking 80 per cent of it and paying nothing for it,” the Redditor argued. “Today she came demanding honey for her waffles and I told her ‘It is my honey’ and like out of the bloody meme she went ‘OUR honey.’”

An overwhelming mass of readers pointed to the obvious solution – they both chip in to buy more of the honey. However, some individuals said his wife’s argument was void because she was hogging all the honey and not sharing it like she should be.

One reader said: “Good lord. Presumably, you’re both full-blown adults even though you’re not behaving your ages... If both of you chip in for groceries, just make that a part of the grocery bill. Or buy two bottles, one for each of you.”

“Right. Just be like hey, now that we both enjoy the honey, I’m going to buy two bottles at a time. I order them from so and so and it’s going to cost X,” another suggested.

Someone else wrote: “My partner goes through everything quicker than I do. It’s a total non-issue: we buy twice the amount, pay half each, and when they run out of their half they buy the extra until I’ve ‘caught up.’”

One supporter of the honey hiding remarked: “It seems to be quite expensive and hard to find. The wife should have put a normal jar of honey on the list to buy.”

“Honestly it’s not that bad. My husband absolutely devours any food I buy, a lot of times not leaving a lot. This has led to us having separate stashes for snacks,” another agreed.

A blunt reader thought the husband and his wife were both in the wrong. “There is no way that she should be using 80 per cent of the honey. That’s very inconsiderate. I think it’s childish for you to hide it,” they confessed.

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