Ina Garten shares recipe for huge pitcher of cosmos: 'During a crisis, cocktail hour can be any hour'

Barefoot Contessa says her favourite tradition is cocktail hour 

Chelsea Ritschel
New York
Wednesday 01 April 2020 18:17
Ina Garten shares Cosmo cocktail recipe amid quarantine

Ina Garten has shared a recipe for a “big pitcher” of her favourite cosmopolitan cocktails amid the coronavirus pandemic to the amusement of her followers.

On Wednesday, at 9.30am, the chef uploaded an instructional video of her making the cocktails to Instagram, where she explained: “During these stressful times, it’s really important to keep traditions alive. My favourite tradition is the cocktail hour.”

After assuring her followers that they probably have most of the required ingredients in their house, Garten then says that she likes to use a big pitcher because she likes to make a lot of cosmos.

“You never know who’s gonna stop by,” she says as she gets ready to pour vodka into the pitcher, before adding while laughing: “Wait a minute, nobody’s stopping by.”

According to Garten, who pours in two cups of “good vodka,” the recipe then calls for one cup of Cointreau or Triple sec, one cup of cranberry juice cocktail, and a half-cup of freshly squeezed lime juice.

In the video, Garten then pours the contents of the pitcher into an oversized cocktail shaker filled with ice, exclaiming: “Oh, this smells so good. Just what everyone needs, right?”

According to Garten, you have to shake the mixture for 30 seconds. “You have lots of time, it’s not a problem,” she jokes. “During a crisis, you know, cocktail hour can be almost any hour.”

Once she’s finished shaking the cocktail, Garten then pulls out the last detail - a gigantic martini glass.

“I’m gonna show you the one I like,” she says as she places the oversized glass in front of her. “I would say in these times, this is really important.”

After filling the glass most of the way up, Garten concludes the video telling her followers to “stay safe, have a very good time, and don’t forget the cocktails,” before taking a sip of the drink.

On Twitter, where Garten began trending shortly after sharing the video, many people are sharing their appreciation of the relatable content.

“Choosing to live my life with the same energy as Ina Garten making a huge cocktail at 9:30 in the morning,” one person tweeted.

Another said: “Ina Garten making monster-sized cocktails on a Wednesday morning on IG will get us through this pandemic.”

“Ina Garten is my hero,” someone else wrote.

You can find the full recipe for the cosmopolitans here.

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